February 3, 2023

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Meeting between BGFIBank and DRC General Inspectorate of Finance


BGFIBank was questioned during an investigation into a public financial fraud by a media federation including RFI. The purpose of this Thursday, November 25, 2021 meeting is to discuss the repayment by this bank of money improperly received from the public treasury. The meeting went smoothly and the discussion is expected to continue for a few days.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Commander-in-Chief

The meeting took place, work will continue, and perhaps for a few days, we will meet for results. “Under the label of anonymity, one of the participants in this consultation did not want to say further. He stressed the purpose of this meeting, which was well defined in the invitation letter initiated by the Financial General Analyst, agreeing on the practical steps to repay the $ 43 million taken by BGFI in the Central Bank account. Of the Congo.

Long before this meeting, the leaders of the BGFI were somewhat compromised. In a press release, BGFI group condemned on Wednesday ” With the utmost determination of the unethical and unethical actions that may have been committed in the past “Within its subsidiary in the DRC, its employees may have been criminals or accomplices of varying degrees.

The Bank pledged its full cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Office of the Attorney General, the General Analyst of Finance and the Central Bank of the Congo, the state authorities responsible for this file.

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