March 22, 2023

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Minister Hassan Ali Bouba expelled by genders accused of crimes against humanity

AA / Peter Kum

The Special Criminal Court announced on Friday that Central African Animal Husbandry Minister Hassan Ali Bouba, a former senior executive of the rebel group UPC, had been released from his prison in Bangui by gentry and taken to his home.

The Central African Special Criminal Court announced that Hassan Ali Bouba, Central Africa’s Minister of Animal and Animal Health, had “been released from his custody and taken to his home by a national ethnic group” before he was due to appear in court on Friday. A statement.

The Special Criminal Court “strongly condemns” the conduct of military personnel and regrets the ban on “proper administration of justice” in the CAR.

Livestock Minister Hassan Ali Bouba, a former senior member of the rebel movement for peace in the Central African Republic (UPC), was arrested in Bangkok on November 19 as part of a special criminal court trial.

The Special Criminal Court issued a press release on November 22 stating that Paupa had been arrested, without disclosing the details of the crimes against humanity and the war crimes he has been charged with.

This former political coordinator of the UPC has been cited in several reports by the UN Panel of Experts as the author of serious human rights violations in areas under the control of the UPC.

His arrest on November 19 provoked a satisfactory reaction in the Central African Republic and abroad.

“The UPC has been responsible for a number of serious crimes in the Central African Republic since 2014,” said Louise Madge, director of Central Africa for Human Rights Watch.

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“Paupa’s arrest sends a strong message that even the most powerful can find themselves under the law, while the UPC gives hope that many victims of crime will one day get justice,” the NGO underlined.

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