June 1, 2023

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Mohamed Bawoki was appointed prime minister of change

Guinea: Mohamed Pavogi has been appointed prime minister of change
A long suspenseful result. The head of the relocation, Colonel Mamati Tamboy, appointed Mohamed Pavoki as head of government on Wednesday. According to Wikipedia, his journey …

Mohammed Bavoki, born August 15, 1953 in Portugal (Mamou), is a Guinean diplomat. Director General of the African Skills Development Agency.


Born in Portugal, her father is Coma Pavavoki, the elder sister of the late Diallo Delhi, a former diplomat and her late mother Hadja Laila. Mohamed attended CER (Revolutionary Education Center) (now Tonga High School) Primary School in Kolya 3 before joining Kamal Abdel Nasser Polytechnic in 1972.

Mohamed Pavovoki will benefit from university scholarships in the Soviet Union and graduated in mechanical construction and mining machinery at Leningrad Polytechnic University (now St. Petersburg, Russia). He graduated from Kennedy Government School at Harvard University in the United States.

Mohamed Baya, like all students of the time, completed his training at the NKrumah camp and attended seminars on the supreme leader of the revolution under the late President Ahmed Saho Touri.

After joining the Civil Service he did a short internship at Guinea Bauxites Company (CPG) in Kamsar. He began his international career in Ibadan, Nigeria in 1982 until 1986, when he won the United Nations competition for the position of engineer at the African Regional Center for Design and Engineering. In 1986, the FAO appointed him Technical Adviser and later Senior Program Manager. This level is located in Brumbura, Bujumbura. In 1992, he was transferred to FAO headquarters in Rome, where he became senior project officer at headquarters. The United Nations Office is knocking on the door and in 1994 he became Senior Manager of the United Nations Office Project Portfolio for Project Support Services. An enormous task because he was responsible for overseeing millions of dollars in development projects. Assistance Mission Pia was bombed in 1998 as the agency’s regional director with headquarters in Abia. There, he coordinates projects in the sub-region and ensures that they are delivered on time and within quality. Its budget was estimated at several hundred million dollars. In 2001, it became the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), which appointed him Regional Director for West and Central Africa, then Director of Partnership and Resource mobilization, and at the same time Advisor to the President of IFAD. In 2014, Guinean Mohamed Pavokui Muthuvel was elected to lead the autonomous African continent organization Panafrigain de Justen de Risks. Since January 2015, Mohamed Pia has been the Director of the African Capacity Building Agency in Johannesburg, South Africa.[4]. In September 2018, he was invited to the Davos Forum as a partner in the annual discussions.

Political involvement in Guinea

Four names were proposed during the 2007 general strike for the post of Prime Minister by unions and civil society under the late Lansana Condo. Among these people, there was only one consensus at the trade union and civil society level: Mohamed Pavokui. President Lansana Conte will elect another personality.

Difference and recognition

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Mohamed Pavokui was decorated by Banjul in Gambia by the heads of state of West Africa in an effort to promote agriculture in the region.

Author: Mediaguinee.org – Seneweb.com