December 10, 2022

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More than 600 non-vaccinated caregivers accept professional retraining

Since December 31, thousands of workers on the island in the Antilles have been suspended for refusing to comply with a vaccination duty imposed on their profession.

To put an end to the violent social crisis that rocked the island in November, the government proposed removing the suspension of non-vaccinated workers, especially those who accept “personal support” for the purpose of reclassification.

Of the 631 registered nursing staff, 129 have already confirmed that they are not vaccinated and will benefit from state support for their professional rehabilitation, Valerie Denux said at a news conference. , Director General of ARS.
“The team I lead, which brings together employment and vocational training actors, is a stop shop that allows these individuals to be supported as closely as possible to their wishes,” Flores Nestor told AFP. Caregivers are “more affected than they would like to be”.

Health workers who come from public service, who “agree to the conversation”, may take into account the higher pay of government employees (40% in Guadeloupe), or benefit from termination of contract on d ” training leave. , The ARS document states that leave for verification of competency assessment or acquired experience will be doubled if required.

Those who do not accept meetings of conversations can ask health officials to “exercise public ownership”, for example, to break the routine, but to use, without consolidating higher wages.

“It’s a new device, it’s nowhere else,” said Alexandre Rosat, the region’s leader.

This support system, which was planned for Guadeloupe and Martinique, is currently not governed by the legal framework specific to the Antilles. The fact, confirmed by the French Foreign Ministry, explains that it is “under the responsibility of the employer state, especially considering the difficulties experienced in the region” (strong resistance to unemployment, poverty and vaccination).

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The total budget for this operation is not yet known, as it depends on the number of staff it wants to come up with and the equipment to be implemented, ”one explains to the PC.

In Guadeloupe, resistance to vaccination licenses and the mandatory vaccination of nursing staff has resulted in massive social movements, roadblocks and repeated violence in many parts of the island, especially in the CHU.