December 10, 2022

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Moscou nutilisera l’arme nucliaire quen cas cas menace existentielle »contre la Russie

TotalEnergies already maintains its participants in the existence of projects in Russie

Criticize to maintain your active activities in Russian depots in Guerrero, Ukraine, group TotalEnergies and annoncé, mardi 22 mars, «Des mesures complimentaries en raison de Ag lggravation du conflit. The company franchise promissor cesser tout achat de patrol or products petroliers russes, Me dans meleurs dlais and au tard à in finale 2022in the group.

Le 1er mars, one of the most proactive communications, firma pytrogazire avait déjà déclaré qu nle n’apportarit plus capital nouveaux projects in Russie. For auton, all entendeniner ses participants aux projeets exist in their pays, à linverse des autras majors (BP, Shell, ExxonMobil), which is the only retroit of any retailers, in the ‘Invasion’ section. arm russe. These derivatives announces the date of TotalEnergies’ concerns about the licenses of the gaz. Or Russie is the most unique group in the world for combustible fossils: 30% of production gazere and 40% of sesar races are found in pays, contents of 5% of production and 6% of sisers in patrol.

For the most part, the multinational sis La La Defense (Hauts-de-Seine) is the most active action group in the privacy category (19,4% of parts), the most sought after product by Gazprom in Gazprom. Elle participe usss projections liquefaction for acheminer par navires liquefaction in gaz nature liquefy in Europe or in asie, vers travels yamal LNG, operational depot 2017, et celui d’Arctic LNG 2, attend for 2023. TotalEnergies 29.7% and 21.6% of parts, with Novatek.

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Visit sanctions amricaines and europeanness, le deuxeime actionnaire novatek (devant TotalEnergies), Guennadi Timtchenko, a conseil d’ossil administration d’entreprise russe, lundi 21 mars. Malgré is on this mission, the group français in the presence of one of the most famous parmesan administrators of Novatek.

A moins in the mois des case, the candidatocologist, Yannick Jadot, reprochant lundi à l’treprise françise dêtre «Comply de «Crimes de guerre. Des «Accusations graves et infondes»a reply to TotalEnergies, mardi.

Adrien Picout