December 7, 2022

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Moscow accuses of plotting “sabotage” to invade Ukraine


The United States has denounced Russia for its “sabotage” of actions aimed at destabilizing Ukraine and acting as a “pretext” for war. The charges, which were rejected by Moscow, were threatened by US and European sanctions.

The United States blamed Russia, Friday 14th January, for dispatch Ukraine Agents who carry out “sabotage” operations to create an “excuse” for invasion. At the time of telling Kiev Moscow, the accusation of further escalating tensions Cyber ​​attack against its ministries.

“The Russian military plans to launch the operation several weeks before the military invasion, which will begin between mid – January and mid – February,” White House spokeswoman Zhen Zhaki warned.

According to US-instigated elements, Moscow has “already put forward a team of agents”, “trained in the use of urban guerrilla warfare and ammunition”, “carrying out acts of sabotage” against pro-Russian separatists, “pretending to be Ukrainians”.

“We saw this strategy in 2014,” Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to President Joe Biden, warned Thursday when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, saying “they are preparing this strategy again.”

Moscow’s denial

The Kremlin called the claims “uncertain” and said they were “not supported by any evidence.”

Nevertheless, the United States decided to escalate the charges against the Kremlin after a series of high-level meetings between Westerners and Russians this week. The risk of a new conflict in Ukraine could not be avoided.

Americans and Europeans have been claiming for weeks that Moscow has stationed nearly 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border for a possible invasion and threatens unprecedented sanctions if they go on the offensive. Russia denies such intent and says it wants to defend itself against the threat posed by NATO at its gates.

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