March 26, 2023

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Nearly thirty armed group leaders were prosecuted

AA / Peter Kum

Nearly thirty Central African figures have been prosecuted after citing a Bangui Criminal Court order signed by Senior Investigation Magistrate Nana PB Mathew dated November 10, 2021.

Those cited in the order include former President Franசois Fonseca and his son Aim Vincent, also known as Poppy, as well as the Coalition of the Patriots for Change (CPC) spokesman Bosanga Simon Serges and Karim McCassova, a Central African opponent. .

The order also targets former Justice Minister Thierry Savonarol Maliompo, a senior executive of Guana Na Guo (Francois Poseidon’s party) who was arrested and detained on December 31, 2020.

There are eight charges against these key leaders of the armed groups, including “assault on state security”, “criminal association”, “murder”, “insurgency conspiracy”, and “destruction of property belonging to others”.

According to Central African Justice, these acts were carried out in the provinces as well.

Most of the accused are from Chad, France or neighboring countries of the Central African Republic.

Last week, Sadien authorities confirmed that François Bozizé lived in a villa in N’Djamena.

Local media have reported that the former Central African president left for the southern Chad capital at the end of June with some elements of his bodyguard.

If N’Djamena was in former President Bozizé Chad, it was at the request of Angola, which initiated a mediation between the Central African Armed Forces and the authority led by President Tudora.

The trial, which opened on January 8, 2021, by Special Investigation Judge Narcissus Ted Isa Bedengpa of the Bangui District Court, indicated that Poseidon would be found guilty of conspiracy against authority.

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“During November 2020, I firmly believed in the possibility of invalidating my candidacy for the December 27, 2020 election,” said Franசois Bose. […] He had left Bangui for the interior of the country [et profité] Creation of an opportunity to sign with some of the leaders of the armed groups [de] CPC [dont le but] There is nothing but the destruction of Republican institutions by armed insurgency, ”Judge Pedangpa declared last January.

The magistrate added, “Next to the ground named Franுவாois Poseidon were not only his children and nephews, but also some executives of the KNK party and armed groups, Jean-Eudes Teya and others named in the case, Abgar Sabone and Serge Simon Posanga, respectively, the communications manager and the CPC. All of this through the complicity of their mentors, including the spokesperson of. “

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