March 26, 2023

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New government in Guinea: Prime Minister appoints 25 members, including 7 women


After several weeks of talks, the Guinean prime minister announced his new government. The team of 25, including 7 women, consists of non-political youth with little experience in managing public affairs.

Is a complete war inevitable in Ethiopia? Nine rebel groups have announced the formation of a coalition against Prime Minister Abi Ahmed. They promise to march in the capital, Addis Ababa, in a united front led by TPLF rebels.

Fuel shortages are recurring and are a concern for Burundians and especially transporters. Many gas stations are running dry queues … some carriers are living day to day, helpless and unable to find ways to feed their families.

5 years after the announcement was made Emmanuel Macron The first phase of restoring African heritage plundered during the colonial period will take place next week in Benin.

26 works from the Abomi treasure are expected next Wednesday. A few days before this return, we visited the palace of the Apocalyptic kings and the places where the looting took place.

One of the greats of African and Senegalese music in particular was in our collection. 8 years later he comes back to us with his new album “Climate” where he sings all his worries as an artist: Omar Bene …

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