May 30, 2023

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“No one can shoot me, because …”

Diana Balde in Morocco takes it easy

His real name is Diénabou Baldé, who does not want to be in the shadow of Dieyna. Despite his two actions related to moral lawsuits, in one of which he was indicted, Goldois decided to pursue his music career. Whatever the price is OK!

The artist does not care what others think or say. As proof, within two months of his release from prison, the author of the song “Dina Box” aired. Diana in Morocco takes it easy.

To his detractors, the “star” blunted against them, with beautiful pictures of support: “My life is not easy. Trials everywhere have overwhelmed me, I have been deceived by believers and I have suffered. But I have always fought with dignity, no matter what the circumstances.” Wrote on Instagram account.

Before warning: “With immense determination and self-confidence, I always knew that nothing could stop me. This is what allowed me to escape from all these crises and be stronger today than ever before. No one can bring me down because I will wake up after every fall.

The 18-year-old singer was convicted on Sept. 7 of phone theft, tampering with the computer system, illegally collecting and threatening to spread personal data. This is before she was sentenced to 6 months suspended.

Dieyna Baldé was arrested along with two others on August 24, 2021 by the Special Cyber ​​Crime Unit (Dsc). This was followed by a complaint from producer, singer, composer, beatmaker and rapper Digibril Embay Fall, “Brill Fight 4”. The latter told investigators that he had a secret relationship with the young “star”. The latter, captured by jealousy, acted in this way for revenge.

Author: AWA FAYE –

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