February 2, 2023

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Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections


On Monday, December 13, Prime Minister Lazina Gerbo announced her new government, which had 25 ministers against 34 before. Key positions such as national reconciliation, security and security remain unchanged. Opposition leader Eddie Komboïgo understood the options. But he calls ” Conclusive results as soon as possible .

Burkina Faso Prime Minister Lazina Gerbo respected the instructions of President Roche Marc Christian Gabor. He was on Monday evening, December 13th Proposed a new tight government. Surprisingly, he had three key ministers in their posts: Zphirin Diabré In National Reconciliation, Bartholomew Simbore on defense, Maxim Gone on defense.

However, the security crisis accelerated the fall of the previous government. But it is not surprising that these three figures are maintained in the direction of these ministries Eddie Comboco, President of the Congress for Democracy and Progress and Leader of the Opposition in Burkina Faso. ” The primary priority is silence. It is not surprising that there is a Minister of Defense and a Minister of Defense, because they were appointed three or four months ago. They make their way “, He explained on RFI’s microphone the day after the announcement of the new government.

However, the second-place candidate in the last presidential election in November 2020 (15.48% of the vote in the first round, Rochemark Christian Capore 57.87% and 12% more than Zéphirien Diabré) warns: ” We expect concrete results as soon as possible.

That fact must be taken into account. ” Objectives must be reconciled not only with the armed but also with the search for a negotiated solution “And the opposition wants to play a role:” We decided to visit the Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff, the Directorate General of Police, the Minister of Social Affairs and some of the Ministries responsible for the fight against corruption for better evaluation, with measured and factual data.

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