March 26, 2023

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Parliament has explained the postponement of the presidential election


In Libya, the director of the National Electoral Commission (HNEC) explained the reasons for postponing the first scheduled presidential election at a meeting of delegates in the country’s east of Dobrook on Monday, January 3. Dec. 24. He exposed a number of legal, security and political barriers. In particular, he overcame the responsibility of parliament to postpone the presidential election.

While the High Electoral Commission has abandoned releasing the final list of eligible candidates for the presidential election, the same commission considers parliament to be responsible for the postponement of the election due to election laws.

According to the director of the commission, Imad al-Sayew, the two laws he received for the presidential and legislative elections did not comply with the laws finalized by the parliamentary committee, and according to him, he has only one power to draft them. Parliament then did not want to amend the law to take his views into account.

According to Imad al-Sayyid, it is worth noting that there were security and legal issues associated with the numerous appeals in the courts to invalidate some candidates. For a long time, because the courts examined only the appeal form, not the object “, He underlined.

In addition, he cited a number of blatant fraud cases, including ” More time to find out “This, according to him, would have reduced the number of candidates from one hundred to twenty.

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The Director of the Electoral Commission has finally agreed with lawmakers that the proposed January 24 presidential election will no longer take place, as legal, security and political issues persist and election laws remain in place.

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