July 1, 2022

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Parliamentary fires resumed in Cape Town after a silence


In South Africa, after the silence this Monday morning, the fire at the Parliament complex in Cape Town resumed with revenge, ending Monday, January 3rd. Since the disaster began early Sunday morning, dozens of firefighters have been battling a blaze that has already ravaged a building that is already badly damaged, this Monday evening.

With our correspondent in Cape Town, Claire Bargelès

No casualties were reported and the fire was brought under control, officials said at a news conference Monday. Half an hour later, a huge black smoke billowed again from the roof and windows of the National Assembly.

The smell of fire still lingered in the streets of the city center and about thirty firefighters were trying to quell the flames that could be seen burning on top of the building, by a crane, Monday evening.

According to a Cape Town representative, the winds could have triggered the volcanoes, and higher temperatures inside, about 100, could have allowed the fire to start again.

For now, officials are careful not to comment on the origin of the fire, which began Sunday, and call on South Africans not to release conspiracy theories that could have caused the fire. However, police confirmed the arrest of a 49-year-old man, who was charged with “intrusion, theft and arson.” To be submitted to the judge on Tuesday.

Already destroyed

Under the National Assembly the house was completely demolished and some parts of the roof collapsed. However, the agency pointed out that the president’s speech before parliament to mark the re – entry for delegates would, according to him, be well maintained where it was to be determined.

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Some older Victoria buildings were also damaged by the fire. By noon, however, officials announced that the upper house of parliament and the local library and a historic tape had not been touched.

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The first reports that provide a more accurate idea of ​​the extent of the damage are due to be submitted Friday, but questions such as the malfunction of fire systems by shutting off the water supply to the water supply system have not been answered. ‘Automatic irrigation.