February 3, 2023

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Police coaches dressed as Nazis in honor of Germany

A police school in Colombia had students interested in dressing like Nazi and SS soldiers. “Cultural exchange” Respect for Germany. Ten photos of the ceremony organized at the Police Academy Simon-Bolivar Tulua, in In the southwestern part of the country, it was broadcast on Thursday, November 18, on the official Twitter account of the police.

We see police students in Vermacn’s Vertigris uniform. One of them is wearing a small, false black mustache, la Adolf Hitler. The other participants wore SS’s black uniform with red swastika armor. Three of them, a German shepherd on foot, pose in front of a cardboard castle.

The black, red and yellow colors of the Federal German flag, as well as balloons in the same color, adorn the interior of the room where copies of a Luftwaffe aircraft reproduction and copies of Nazi military weapons are kept. Swastika banners are pasted on the tablecloth. Other students will wear “Polizei” T-shirts. And according to these photos, two police officers in Colombian uniforms cut ribbons in the colors of modern Germany and began a small demonstration.

These photos were greeted on social media with a mixture of distrust and surprise between Bronca and the authorities’ deep embarrassment. “I condemn any demonstration that is unacceptable to apologize for Nazism and uses or refers to the identification of those responsible for the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of more than 6 million people.”President Ivan Duke said on Twitter on Friday.

The police fired the school principal and apologized for his call “An Educational Movement in Global History”. The Ministry of Defense, which relies on police in Colombia, also issued a reassuring statement. “Training policy guidelines do not anticipate activities like yesterday”. In a joint statement, there are embassies of Germany and Israel in Bogot “Expressed complete rejection of any apology or expression of Nazism”.

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