December 10, 2022

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Poor report of the Commission of Inquiry into the illegal exploitation of resources in South Kivu


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a parliamentary committee investigating the illegal exploitation of mineral resources in the Muwenka region of southern Kiwi presents its report on Thursday. In this document, which was consulted by the RFI, investigators underscore the opacity of the department’s management and create grievances against Chinese operators. Representatives call for tougher sanctions against these companies and recommend to the government to order in this field.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient lycopene

The operators mentioned are particularly accused of tax evasion and destruction of environmental systems. For years, they have been industrially exploiting mining squares without the necessary recognition.

Only research permits are issued to certain mining companies, whereas in the industry they are involved in industrial exploitation. Others operate under the guise of mining cooperatives that unite artisan miners. This situation creates tensions in the region between these institutions and local communities, sometimes leading to human death.

Investigators also documented cases in which the authorities were complicit in the issuance of visas, the issuance of artisan mining sites and the authorization to travel to the mining areas.

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The report goes on to say, “These mining companies are getting rich, behaving like masters in occupied territory and destroying the environment.” The military and police are sometimes called upon to protect these institutions and to prevent any raids by other state services.

The report adds that the minerals thus exploited were fraudulently withdrawn from the DRC and reported to neighboring countries.

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In their conclusions, these representatives confirm that the artisanal mining in this part of eastern Congo is 70% pre-funded by economic operators established in neighboring countries.

In order to regulate it, the Commission recommends that the government stop mining activities throughout South Kivu Province.

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