May 30, 2023

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Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has called for the reshuffle of his government


Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk, who has been under house arrest since the coup, has ruled that the return of his government to Sudan is the “way out of the crisis”, according to a statement from the Ministry of Information. He also demanded the release of civilian leaders.

“We must return to the situation of October 24”, that is, the day before Rebellion To do Sudan. Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk said on Sunday, October 31, from house arrest that “the only way out of the crisis” was by returning his ousted cabinet.

According to the Ministry of Information, Abdullah Hamdock – during a meeting with US, British and Norwegian ambassadors – members of the “Troika” operating in Sudan – also called for the release of civilian leaders.

These are always They have not been found since their arrest, Their lawyer Kamal al-Jizoli told the AFP, “The place where ministers and politicians are detained should be made public.”

The ministry added that the US ambassador to the Horn of Africa would return to Khartoum on Tuesday.

The government promised “within a week.”

The country, which has been mired in political and economic recession for decades, is now at a standstill between indefinite military and anti-conspiracy protesters in the “refusal of hospitality” after the General’s coup. Abdel Fattah al-Burhane Dissolved all companies.

The ministry says Abdullah Hamdock, who embodies the civilian face of a difficult transition to democracy in Sudan after 30 years of Omar al-Bashir’s dictatorship, was arrested for “refusing to support the coup.”

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He was briefly held with General Burhan before being finally brought home, where he is under “close surveillance”, a former UN envoy. The economist has been speaking through news reports since last Monday, which have been posted on the ‘Information Ministry’s Facebook page. Difference of opinion.

He is also a member of the UN Security Council for Sudan. The ambassador met with diplomats such as Volker Berthes, who spoke about “mediation” efforts, and spoke by phone with the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blingen, but so far has not allowed some of its ministers to welcome him. No arrests were made.

Gen. Burhan said in an interview with the Russian press on Monday that he had no objection to Abdullah Hamdock retaining his post and forming a government “within a week.”

But Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam Sadek al-Mahdi told the AFP on Saturday that he and the prime minister would not agree to “participate in this heinous act, the betrayal of the rulers.”

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