August 13, 2022

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Putin was satisfied with the initial reaction to his defense demands

Vladimir Putin considered the first US reaction to Russia’s demands for a solution to the Russian – Western crisis surrounding Ukraine, which shook the European security balance as a result of the Cold War.

Russia has proposed two agreements, one with the United States and the other with NATO, to prevent the Atlantic alliance, especially Ukraine, and the termination of all Western military operations near Russia’s borders.

“There should be no progress towards NATO East, the ball is in their court and they should respond to us,” he said.

“Currently we are seeing a positive reaction. This discussion in Geneva since the beginning of this year, our US partners have been telling us that they are ready to start these talks,” the Kremlin leader said.

He reiterated that the future expansion of the Atlantic Alliance would be “unacceptable” to Russia, which would not tolerate the Western armed system “on (its) doorstep”.

The comment comes two days after he threatened the West with “military and technical measures” if his demands were not met.

– “When will they knock?” –

Its demands, which have implications for European defense architecture, are considered “unacceptable” by many Western voices.

It is suspected that the Russian president is preparing for an invasion of Ukraine, now a pro-Western country, and Crimea, part of which was already annexed by Russia in 2014. More than 100,000 Russian soldiers are said to be stationed at the border. .

Mr Putin denied the allegations, but said on Thursday that anti-Russian policies in Ukraine and its Western allies, especially in the context of the war against pro – Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, posed a threat to Moscow.

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He said that not only today but also tomorrow’s security should be considered. “Can’t live without looking over our shoulder, what’s going to happen? When will they knock?”

He reiterated that the West had “shamelessly deceived” Russia in violation of its promise not to expand NATO in the 1990s.

Asked about the repression of the Russian opposition, which intensified significantly in 2021, Mr. Putin ruled that this was not a question of opposition, but of restricting the activities of foreign influence.

I remind you that our enemies have been saying for centuries that Russia cannot be defeated and can be destroyed from within. According to him, this brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union 30 years ago.

Throughout the year, the media, NGOs, journalists, lawyers and activists were targeted by various lawsuits.

– Navalny, a “Dowlert” –

The year began with the arrest of his main rival, Alexei Navalny, who escaped the poison he claimed to have ordered from the Kremlin. His entire movement was later banned for “extremism”.

On Thursday, the Russian president summoned him again, citing his conviction in a fraud case, which he considered to be fabricated by the opposition.

“Criminals have always been. We should not commit crimes,” he said.

He was also asked about the devastation of the Govt-19 epidemic. “There are things that make us anxious, like life expectancy,” he said, referring to the “fall” in the context of “rising death”.

Low vaccine coverage, triggered by distrust of the population, and lack of health restrictions have resulted in overpopulation.

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“Eighty percent of the population will be vaccinated or cured by the end of the 1st trimester or the 2nd trimester,” he said. Putin said. Currently, the government estimates this index to be less than 60%, with 44% of the population being vaccinated. “We have to convince people,” he said.

More than 520,000 people have died of Govt disease in two years, according to official figures from the Rossstad Agency, exacerbating Russia’s declining population, which has lost more than a million people in two years.

On the economic front, Mr. Putin promised on Thursday that his country was “better prepared for this shock (epidemic) than the most developed economies in the world.”

“We are recovering much faster than others,” he said, noting the expected 4.5% growth, which is favored by minimal health restrictions and rising oil prices.