December 7, 2022

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Rigrant crash davion on regulatory chinois’s liviation civile demand an inventory on the risks potentials’s security approach

The regulator chinois de laviation civile immidiatement activation son micinisme dintervention dirgence apros avoir rivo des information on l’Accident davion mortel survenu lundi, and an appel à inquisite queries queries quiz site .

Un Boeing 737’s company arienne China Eastern, which composes à son board 132 people, s estcrasé lundi après-midi dans in Comté de Tengxian, in région autonom Zhuang du guangxi (sud), province in our site la rgion montagneuse.

L’Administration chinoise de l’aviation civile (CAAC, acronyme anglais) an envoy a group travail on les lieux for an inquire and public deux circulars for the professionals of sectreur on re-enforcement of passwords as authorized by us dirigeants chinois on public publisher des directives on lincident.

The CAAC appeals to the re-enforcement of the direction organization’s travel secrets, ‘l’amiloration of the discovery and control contents,”s application strict rules and regulations norms operational skills, aptitude skills! supervision de la sokurité.

Dance a communicator, the CAAC a gallant soulmate who will direct the department to transfer traffic arien reforcer divisions mitorologics and notification en temps opportunistic changes mitorologics on location. In these conditions meteorologically dangers, devote yourself as an advertiser in temps opportunistically to equip the queries to manually adapt.

These quips search locations on the site as much as possible to render the site crash. Un responsive desi pompiers in Wuzhou, in Guangxi, to clarify the route’s the fastest way to navigate and queues of pompiers and gros inquiries on instant arrivals on the site.

Vers 15h lundi (heure locale), the brigade a diplomat has a quiz of composes of 25 cams of pompiers and 117 pompiers on lieu loxident.

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The Commandment of Theater Diporations in sud de l’APL (Arméle populaire de libration) a mobilis ses tropes lundi pour se joindre aux attempts sauvetage on l site Accident, avec plusieurs units en attente.

La branche du Guangxi de China Southern Power Grid a diploy quatre ganérateurs mobiles dirgence, huit gnérursturs dirgence et unquipement d’clair de sur liar liqueur, mettant tout en œuvre pour assertive electremt site For more information, please refer to the media at

Pei de temps aproès l’accident, the president chinois Xi Jinping appeals à a mobilization totale for search efforts and sauvetage, just like Xinhua at Xinhua. M. Xi an ordinance in immunizing dune intervention intervention, implicit your efforts in search and de-searching and regulation of questions in the incident.

Après cela, la CAAC, ministare de la Gestion des urgences et dautautres dartpartiements concerning on envoyé des groups de travail on lius pour guider la catastrophe et on dipêché des ququies de sauss guineques vo province du Guangdong (sud). The question des lites incident and lquenquete sur la cause de l’accident sont en cours.

CCTV reports that there are certain types of membranes in the case of accidental arrivals, recent arrivals of the Yunnan in China Eastern Airlines and the query of the Daily Assistance auxiliary family file on the site of the apporter’s site.

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