February 2, 2023

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Sankara trial: “Somewhere there was an irregularity, it is true”, Gilbert Dendere admits

On Thursday, November 10, 2021, during the eleventh hearing of the trial of Thomas Sankara and his twelve collaborators, chaired by a military tribunal, he took over as the Council’s head of defense, following a military prosecutor. , General Gilbert Diendéré finally admitted that “there was a violation somewhere, it was true”.

But for the accused, the day of the assassination of the father of the Burkina Faso revolution, October 15, 1987, “does not mean that he (he) did not give the necessary instructions.” “I can not say I failed, but there is a pain in my heart.”

“There were well-intentioned, well-thought-out defeats on the part of General Gilbert Deander,” the military attorney responded, stressing the inaction of the intervention. Therefore, considering all these arguments made during these three days of the trial of the accused Gilbert Diendéré, the prosecutor said that the lieutenant, the defense chief of the foundations of the revolution, was responsible for a violation.

A military lawsuit was filed against Gilbert Diendéré over the crimes he spoke out against, saying “he (Me Solé, defensive) we do not need to mention the crimes he retains”. The prosecution is inciting a boycott that is contrary to General Dendere’s responsibilities.

“I am afraid because we do not know what Mr. President (military tribunal) CNEC is. We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. ” Paul Carey responded by insisting that “the public prosecutor must put himself in complete control of the situation in which the attackers were killed within four minutes.” , No more, ”President Thomas Sankara and 12 others. “No one can resist it,” he hit.

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But the General had the last word at the end of the first phase of his judgment. “Mr. President, I’m pleased to show that I did not kill anyone. It is a relief for me to know that, ”concluded General Gilbert Dendere, who was complicit in the killings, attacked state security, concealed the body and bribed a witness.

The trial is set to resume at 9.00 am next Monday with the trial of two more defendants.

By Bernard Poocom

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