December 7, 2022

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‘Secondary heir’, a process by which tropical forests can be regenerated without assistance – Vivafrick

One corner of the veil has been removed in connection with the regeneration of tropical forests. In fact, a team of 90 international researchers, in collaboration with the International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Research (CIRAD) for Development, published in the scientific journal December 10, 2021, argued that tropical forests have the potential to regenerate themselves to a “secondary level”. Next “. To put it bluntly, if you allow nature to take its course, the experts note in the document that these forests will regenerate naturally in 20 years.

The results of this study were conducted in more than 2,200 forests in West Africa and South America, which were sacrificed to grow cocoa, soybeans or oil palm trees. Data collected by scientists show that tropical rainforests can regenerate faster than previously thought about 20 years ago without human assistance.

This is very encouraging news for conservationists as the results of the study are good news for biodiversity and the environment. French and Ivory researchers have really wondered how long it will take to recreate areas of tropical forest that were previously cut down for soybean, cocoa or oil palm cultivation. To answer this question, an international team of researchers, including CIRAD, surveyed 2,200 forests in Africa and South America and poured their findings into the hearts of environmentalists.

Experts insist that in order for the forest to regain its rights, nature must not allow it to be planted in its course. These earlier areas of cultivation and cultivation may later lead to a new tropical forest, made up of tall trees like a five-story building. In twenty years, 80% of the soil fertility is restored, as well as 80% of the vegetation diversity of a primary forest.

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“Let the forests grow naturally where possible. But it is in every case, however, that Lawrence inspires Porter. It all depends on the local conditions and the needs of the people living there ”because the human hand can sometimes save time.

“Secondary Heir”

Without human help, these forests have the potential to regenerate almost completely through an event known as the “secondary heir”. Forest regeneration is accelerated by existing flora and fauna. “This is good news, because its impact is only twenty years old. Wageningen University in the Netherlands and Principal Professor of Research.

But how the rainforest can regenerate so quickly without help is a poignant question. Bruno Herald, an expert in tropical forest landscape at CIRAD, explains that the complexity of this forest is naturally restored by seeds buried in the soil. It is recovered from the seeds of surrounding plants that can be carried by air or animals. This means that volunteer forest plantations, which are often expensive, can sometimes be ineffective, saving time.

However, this gospel should not diminish the impact of deforestation, because if it takes only twenty years to restore 80% of the appearance of tropical forests, it will take at least a hundred years for the trees to grow larger. Early carbon storage capacity.

Moktar Stay / Vivafrick