February 2, 2023

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Secret Tanning / Achi Patrick Condemnation: “This is a hernia, this is cancer”

Illegal gold mining in C டிte d’Ivoire is more than real. It is difficult to master the line between this covert operation and organized crime. Asked about the issue, Prime Minister Patrick Achchi called on the government to address what he describes as cancer.

Prime Minister Patrick Aussie is aware of the criminal reality of illegal hoarding of gold in Cte d’Ivoire. The Prime Minister said he hoped the event would be sidelined in 2022. In front of the press, the Prime Minister joined President Bedi in slandering the practice under the watchful eye of the authorities. He condemns something that could turn into a serious concern for the government if not controlled quickly.

Speaking of indirect gold bargaining, Prime Minister Patrick Achchi believes it “It simply came to our notice thene, It’s cancer. “ According to him, everything possible should be done to prevent the expansion of this practice of destroying Ivorian soil. In addition, the sealing of gold in secret has been linked to a major crime in areas where it is practiced. In this regard, Patrick Achchi appreciates the tremendous work done by the regiment of the Ministry of Mines. The regiment stubbornly monitors illegal miners.

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During the last National Security Council, Alasane Ovatara also congratulated the regiment. On the ground, he arrested more than 250 people involved in illegal gold processing. One hundred gold wardrobe sites were destroyed and several devices such as backhoes and other machinery were seized by the regiment.

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