December 7, 2022

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Semaine cruciale pour l’engagement françis et european au Sahel

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Une rani des ministres europeans des Affaires trangères est prevue ce lundi 14 fivrier. Elle precode daus grands rendez- your diplomatiques again this time. It announces its attendance on a probable retrospective franchise and Europeans english Mali et l’volution of dispositif milletire.

The Ministries of Europe’s Affair Operations will be hosted by Visioconfire on the 14th of April. The intensity of concerts engages deputies plus deux semaines on the force Takuba, constituents dine quinzaine de pays volontaires, and in mission mission formation milite l’Union europtan eUTM, with your powers. ⁇ Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions in Mali ne chas champ libre aux Russes », Explicit une source diplomatic, and ceux qui veulent partir total.

Annonces mercredi

But to date, the last cell of the merchant: Emmanuel Macron invites à Paris’s chefs d’État des Gos Sahel: Nigrien Mohamed Bazoum, Tchadien Mahamat Idriss Dabby and Mauritanian Mohamed Ould Ghazouani. This is the autonomous millet transition to Burkina Faso, issues coup d’otat militaire 24 Janvier, nont nont pas ét conviées. Ni celles, on peut le processor, du Mali.

The presidents of Lion Union africaine, the Sinegalais Macky Sall, the Cédéao, the Ghanaian Nana Akufo-Addo, the European connoisseur of Charles Michel, and the chef’s diplomatic European, Joseph Borrell’s Sougalem attend.

This is one of the most sought after topics in the world. Why the franchise? Combined with these dirigents Europeans, africains? ⁇ Tout is encore in discussion, éa drapendra des divisions », Explicit une source diplomatic françiise haut niveau, direct implicive.

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Dpart et reorganization

In the Mali de la force franchise Barkhane assemble act, disorganize the dispository in the Psalms voices and extension aux pays golfe de Guinness points nombreuses questions.

Tout commemorates sort of contents of français and europeans intrigs à la Minusma, la Mission des Nations unies dans in pays, or encore all dispositifs de rosassurance – soutien arien en cas dattaque – actuulement mis à la disposition bleuces forces maliennes, particulièrement in the north of Mali.

Enfin, lendemain, jeudi, souvrira à Bruxelles un sommet Union africaine-Union European. It’s the longest date, on multiples sujets, the announces of many of your most sought after sites and most searches.

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