December 7, 2022

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Sexual violence was a political weapon during the presidential election in Kenya


Nine months before the next presidential election, scheduled for August 2022, the FIDH and the Kenyan Federation for Human Rights issued a statement on Tuesday warning of sexual violence. According to the evidence collected during their investigation, this sexual violence was used as a political weapon during the 2017 election, especially in the strongholds of the opposition.

With our correspondent in Nairobi, Florence Morris

Rape, often joint, genital mutilation or forced male circumcision … these are some forms of sexual violence Documented during the 2017 presidential election. Violence, especially in areas considered strongholds of the opposition.

According to the testimonies of survivors we have collected, large-scale gender-based violence was perpetrated in opposition strongholds during the presidential election. Says Irene Soyla, project officer for the Kenya Federation for Human Rights. The main perpetrators of this violence are police or other men in uniform. They were confirmed during episodes of repression. The security forces took advantage of this The context of the conflict Should engage in such violence during demonstrations.

More than four years after the election, the authors of this report are concerned about the still impunity surrounding this violence. ” Most of the survivors in the interview did not complain. Since the teachers are police officers, there is no chance of another police officer pursuing a complaint against one of his colleagues. “, Irene Soyla continues.

Beyond the physical, social and psychological consequences of this violence, international and Kenyan human rights federations fear that women will be barred from participating in the next election, which, according to the FIDH, must be compromised. Reliability .

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