March 26, 2023

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State-level crisis worries and annoys Somalia’s partners


Funnier atmosphere prevailed in Mogadishu on Monday, following President Mohamed Farmajo’s announcement that he would suspend Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble from Sunday to Monday, December 27, following allegations of “corruption”. After months of conflict between the two over the issue of electoral rotation, it is still stagnant. But the head of government refused to comply, saying the head of state had lost his constitutional privileges. Somalia’s allies are expressing their concern and annoyed by the situation.

Somalia has an executive with two leaders and two of its leaders are now back in office.

A few hours after the head of state suspended him from his duties on Monday, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble returned to his office, surrounded by members of his cabinet, army chief and army chief, while militant worshipers appeared in the city. In their pick-ups.

He is a man who condemns his comrades. ” Attempt to overturn “Elections, yes, a coup, no,” he described Mohamed Fermajo. Danger to the stability of the country We ask the leaders of the security forces to get their orders not from the President but from him.

The latter, despite throwing a stone at the prime minister, did not leave his official residence, Villa Somalia, whose entrances were guarded by armored vehicles.

In a statement, Somalia’s partners, about 20 countries and international organizations, have expressed concern and called on Somali leaders to take control. Avoid using provocation or force », And I call again for the progress of the electoral cycle in the country.

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For its part, US diplomacy raised the tone: “ Attempts to suspend Mohammed Hussein Roble are dangerous The Foreign Office’s African Affairs Office tweeted, “ The United States is ready to take action against those who obstruct Somalia’s peace process .

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