September 27, 2022

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Takes the position of a first offender

Thomas Sankara

In Burkina Faso, the investigation into the killers of Captain Thomas Sankara came into effect on Monday. This day made it possible to draw up a list of witnesses to hear throughout the practice. The first culprit, a member of the commando who opened fire on Thomas Sankara this Tuesday, is expected at the bar.

The trial in the assassination of Captain Thomas Sankara resumed on Monday, October 25. As in First trialOn October 11, practical questions still occupied most of the day. However, some significant improvements in practice have been noted. Thus, a list of key witnesses to be examined in this case was set up. About sixty, including Burkina Faso and the French. French, among former ministers: Roland Dumas, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs; Jack Long held the Department of Culture. In addition to these two personalities, the son of Franசois Mitterrand and the name of Jean-Christophe Mitterrand as “Monsieur Africa” ​​are mentioned.

If the names of these persons have been mentioned, their testimony has not yet been fully confirmed. At the very least, this is clear from the words of Me Mamadou Coulibaly, one of the defense lawyers who expressed himself in these terms: “We kept their name, but their address is still under investigation. This means that some people do not know that they have to testify.” To deal with it, the principle of their trial was retained by the court via video conference.

The day ended with the reading of the dismissal verdict recalling the various charges against Blaise Campore, Gilbert Dendere and Hyacinth Cafando, who are considered the main defendants in the trial. Of the three, only Gilbert Dendere is on trial because he was arrested in 2015 as a prisoner in his country, where he faces up to 20 years in prison for plotting a coup attempt. Besides him, 12 other defendants are on site. A test.
The trial of the first offender, Ilbuto Yamba Elysee, is set to continue on Tuesday. The army, he said, would have been part of a commando that opened fire on Thomas Sankara and his comrades.

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