August 15, 2022

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Tensions on the eastern border with Pakistan and Afghanistan


According to officials, clashes took place between forces of revolutionary guards and “armed robbers” in the Sistan-Balochistan province on the border with Pakistan. Six members of this “band of robbers” and three local Gardens fighters were killed.

With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Kazi

According to the Revolutionary Guards, the violent clashes took place during a surprise attack on the hideout of a group of bandits led by a certain Kolam Shabaksh, who was killed during the operation by the country’s elite army. One week ago, five people, including two Guardian members, were killed in clashes with armed men from the same group.

Province Sistan-BalochistanThe scene is usually one of armed clashes between police and drug traffickers or Baloch separatist groups or jihadists, with significant Sunni minorities.

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Armed conflict on Iran’s eastern border

Tehran has in the past accused Pakistan of supporting separatist groups or allowing them to operate from Pakistani territory. Sistan Balochistan Province borders PakistanThe Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

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No casualties were reported between the Taliban and Iranian security forces in the clashes a few weeks ago. Some experts fear that the extremist Sunni Taliban will help Iranian separatist groups operating in the region.

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