February 2, 2023

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The baby was found in the woman’s liver during an ‘exceptionally rare’ ectopic pregnancy

A baby has been found in a woman’s liver, according to Michael Norwy, a Canadian pediatrician. Surgeons were able to save the woman’s life, but the fetus was impossible and the bag was already deformed.

An ultrasound examination of a sick woman in the hospital revealed that she was pregnant and that the fetus was in her liver.

Pediatrician Dr. from Canada. Michael Norway created a dictatorial video about this amazing discovery.

Posting on her nicu_musings account, she says: “I thought I saw it all – a 33-year-old woman has been bleeding for 14 days and 49 days since her last menstrual period.

“This is what you find in the liver: a baby

“She had an ectopic pregnancy in her liver.

“We sometimes see them in the abdomen, but not in the liver. This is the first for me.”

This video has been viewed over 3 million times and has shocked thousands of people.

Abdominal pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy that occurs in an estimated 1.4% of all ectopic pregnancies and occurs when an egg moves in the wrong direction through the fallopian tube and exits the ‘stomach’.
Pregnancy in the upper abdomen or liver is even more rare.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock found that a young woman had her liver attached to her 18-week-old fetus alive.

Unfortunately, the 25-year-old woman died of complications during surgery due to uncontrolled bleeding.

According to a 2003 BBC news article, only four babies were born alive after a liver transplant.

Ncise Cwayita, 20, from South Africa, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Nhlahla, which was attached to her liver a week before delivery.

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Surgeons operated on him for childbirth and left the placenta and amniotic sac in the liver to reduce the risk to the mother’s life.

“I was so scared to see my baby in my liver,” Ncise later said in an interview before her daughter’s fifth birthday.

“My first thought was that she would not be normal. “