October 7, 2022

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The Benin government is responding to Jean-Yves Le Drian’s “pressure.”


The question was raised by his majority in the French parliament on Wednesday, January 12. ” Harassment of enemies “And in particular the opponent Rekia Madoko was sentenced to twenty years in prison, the Minister responded” France will continue to put firm pressure on the Peninsula authorities .

With our correspondent in Cotonou, Jean-Luc Uplogan

Words of the French Foreign Minister Phoenician opponent Reggia Madouko was highly praised by activists and supporters, but they were considered by the authorities to have the worst taste. The government has not released a statement, but its spokesman responded in an interview with several online media outlets on Friday.

Wilfried Leandre Hongbedzi quotes ” The former French president was sentenced twice and some of his supporters doubted the impartiality of justice, so Benin sought relief for France or Mr. I do not notice that Nicolas Sarkozy was pressured to rescind his sentences.

Encryption: Monsieur Le Trian intervened, he should not have done so.

Speaking of prisoners, the head of state signed the decree on January 6, but released on Friday pardoning nearly 500 prisoners. No. Joel Ivo நி டி Reckya Madougou Among the beneficiaries, some opponents contacted by phone and expressed regret. The order was clear: those charged with conspiracy against state security were excluded.

Criet released on the waves about people arrested during the April 2021 presidential election. They started at the end of October. According to our information, more than 60 out of 120 people are concerned and they are under the control of the judiciary.

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You see, says majority member Patrice Dallon Didn’t wait for the restraining order before casting .