March 26, 2023

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The best performing software for Banque Mondial, FMI and BAD

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La RDC tente da personalizer ses relations with these different partners financiers internationals like FMI, la Banque Mondiale et la Banque africaine de development. Un accent particulier is on FMI which insiste particuliment on l’assainissement du system bankare congolais. All fait parties des engagements pris par la RDC at this moment in conclusion lnannie dernieru new program triennal avec le FMI. Kinshasa a ququel quesques points, but beoucoup rest à faire.

Avec notre corresponding à Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Globalement, le FMI est satisfy des progrès realies In the cadre of reformes the Banque Center du Congo (BCC). In this case, the Protocol d’Accord sign entries the governing body and the BCC to permit regularization of all avant-garde financiers’ views on the governing body’s finance in the first semester of 2020. En clair. Reconcile the life of a creator with your own aviation and try out a plan dappurement à moyen terme.

Lauttre reforme attende et qui est djéà effective depui l dabut de l’annie concerne banques commerciales. Else pays dsormais constituents in the Reserve obligatorie dollars for a part of the lears dips on the BCC. This form of sharing of participlerement suggestions for banques and forbids the use of davantage resources for privacy.

Sur de plan cadre lgal, the bailiffs and other partners in the RDC sont antififs all sorts of novelty loi on the new banques commerciales and the low anti-blanchment dont lixamen and the vote pourront intervene in the session session parliament all over 15 mars.

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The rest of the bouquets of chantiers commemorate the execution of my commute d’Audit and all my conversations on a permittreme a fluidity of exchanges between the banque center and the ministries of finance and du budget on the question paper.

Toutes these questions about the value of finance avril and dabut mai à lloccasion de la 2e revue du program sign sign entre in FMI et governance.

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