August 13, 2022

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The Congregation amricain veb dbloquer 14 million dollars for l Ukraine

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Washington (AFP) – The Chamber of Commons amicaine des presents von se pronouncer mercred soir on an envelope pharamineuse price of 14 milliards worth of cr ukche ukrainienne, which comprehend a volet economics and humanities, mai aussi des armes and des munitions.

These funds give permissible à Kiev de proteger son rseau electric, combat cyberrattaques and squiper in arms defenses. The Paquet compliment is more than 2,6 milliards of dollars worth of humanitarian and more than a million dollars worth of search fugitives in Ukraine.

“We all continue to use our courageous people to write batons for his pays”, assisted by Joe Biden on Twitter.

This envelope comprehends more than 6,5 milliards of dollars for Pentagone, which serves as a notice of diplomacy in all regions. Des fonds sont aussi allus financer la riposte contre moscou, à commencer par les sanctions contre des oligarques russes.

Un sold ukriinien pris in Kiev, 9 mars 2022 Aris Messinis AFP

Linveloppe to l’Ukraine is the fastest-growing budget amyricain in the world by 2022, with $ 1,500 million dollars worth of less than a pronounced avant-garde financially.

“Pryode dancer”

The chef des Democrats and Snat Chuck Schumer exhorted the Congregation to “ride fast”. “Les Ukrainians mankind de nourriture, de vitements, d’abris, dricelectricité et de medicaments”, at-il souligné.

Fait rare in a congress habitué aux querelles politics: dmocrates like republicans soutiennent ces mesures. Number of eux chants on the occasion of the weekly end of Volodymyr Zelensky’s weekend weekend, the best quote on the administration’s biden à renforcer son aide ie Kiev & muscler sa riposte contour Mosou.

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“Les Etats-Unis et lure partneriers transcend a pirode dancerreuse”, assisted by tinor conservator Mitch McConnell, who wants to cose “pass dicisif dont not securités nationally besoin”.

You have a grand budget of $ 1,500 milliards of federal amino acid and you have provisions for more than 15 million dollars per liter of pantomime. But in this section you will find the final minute of the final round of protest protests forms for certain democracies.

Le chef des républicains au Sénat, Mitch McConnell, au Congès américain, le 8 mars 2022
Le chef des républicains au Sénat, Mitch McConnell, au Congès américain, le 8 mars 2022 Stefani Reynolds AFP

Après avoir été voté à la Chambre mercredi, te texte prendra la route du Snat, avant d’tre promulgué par Joe Biden.

In parallel, the chamber of the Presenters presents your merchandise on an interdiction d’importer’s l rnergie russe, embossing the ‘pass amicain qui’s annoncé an embargo sur ces matrires par dicret. In addition to these imports, the project exhibits Congratulations on Etats-Unis quotes encouraging suspension de la Russie de l’Organization mondiale du commerce.