December 7, 2022

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The difficult life of refugees living in tents in Idlib

AA / Idleb

Heavy rains and snowfall make life difficult in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

Many tents in the refugee camps on the Turkish border in Idlib were destroyed due to the weather.

Hundreds of families, mostly women and children, spend the night in the rain or with relatives as their tents collapse.

When asked by the Anatolian Agency (AA), Mohamed Hallaj, director of the Syrian Emergency Coordinator, said thousands of civilians in 79 camps had been affected by the downpour in Idlib and Aleppo.

Separately, Hallaj also pointed out the possibility of frost risk in the region.

Ali Said, who lives in one of the camps, said the tents of 175 families had been destroyed and that they had spent a very difficult night.

“Many families have taken refuge with their relatives. We need all kinds of help, especially new tents and raincoats,” he added.

* Translated from the Turkish by Hilal Sherippally Sari

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