December 7, 2022

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The embossment on the axis is completely near it. By Abdullai Czech

In October 2021, a series of discussions began in Montpelier between France and an African civil society elected by Elysee. The workshops will focus on the report submitted to the table by Emperor Emmanuel Macron, a Cameroonian historian on the axis, and will be responsible for months on possible solutions that will allow the renewal of relations between France and Africa. Together with 13 African thinkers, he made the following 13 recommendations: Creating an innovation fund for democracy, building an African and immigrant home, establishing a “nomadic campus” project, preparing a forum Euro-African immigration, launching the France-Africa discussion forum, leaving the continent on economic transparency Continental formation, development of the “Africa France Start-up” project, consideration of Africa’s voice on climate change, change of official development assistance and expansion of a new story between Africa and France.

In light of these proposals, it is clear that Mbembe and his team have misled the real demands of African youth.
First, an envelope of 110 million euros was requested from the French Development Agency (AFD) to support these recommendations. The Mbembe workshop forgets that AFD is part of the problem, so changes cannot mature for the good of Africa. In fact, AFD is a French state-owned financial institution, thanks to its industry donations and loans to advance French bilateral development assistance. Focusing primarily on Africa, where 73% of financial effort is made (AFD, 2021), the AFD is the backbone of French foreign policy. The success of this endeavor depends on:

– Its assistance tool is linked to FASEP (Financial and Private Sector Assistance for Research).

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– Its choice to fund infrastructure projects favorable to French companies. In this sense, AFD “Priority is given to areas where the knowledge of French companies can meet the needs of countries that benefit from official development assistance (Girod, p. 47,2018).

– Its subsidiary PROPARCO is a financial institution dedicated to financial institutions, including French companies in 110 countries where AFD exists.
Therefore, the AFD was one of the tools of the domination of French imperialism, which was financed by 80% more loans than humanitarian logic (AFD, 2021).

Second, the recommendations of this think tank do not in any way support the aspirations of the African street. It is clear that this young man, who has been accused of being anti-French by Macron in Niamey in 2020, is the true bearer of the struggle for sovereignty in Africa. Basically, the struggle of these young people is mainly towards military sovereignty and monetary sovereignty (Pigeaud, 2021), two options for subscribers who do not have the recommendations of civil society in Montpelier.

– News of military sovereignty carried out mainly by Malian Street through the slogan “France Decage” as a result of the perception that the French forces (Operation Surveillance and later Bergen) were useless in the face of terrorists in Sahel. Moreover, French support for some of the leading groups legitimizes the rejection of French military policy in Africa. In Mali, in the midst of the conflict with the Imcots in 2012, France backed the Forcos forces (Normand, 2019). The same scene in Libya, after the Gaddafi assassination, thanks to French and NATO intervention, Paris provided sensible military support to its main enemy and rebel leader, Khalifa Hubbard (Pacman, 2021). Recently, the French president received a statement from historians highlighting France’s responsibility for the 1994 Rwandan genocide (AFP, 2021).

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– The fight that mobilized the African street without a doubt of monetary sovereignty, the note burned in 2017 by Kemi Seba in Dakar. Bitter struggle on the ground and on social websites. Young people are pointing fingers at the colonial currency in French wages, which is detrimental to the development of Africa. Thoughts are revolutionary by scientific facts (detailed in our article on FCFA in 2020) such as the domestic debt deficit, the trade deficit deficit and the false French guarantee. The determination and determination of the citizen movements in Africa and the diaspora compelled Emmanuel Macron to declare on December 21, 2019 that he understands African youth, the cause of FCFA reform. In fact, the youth reject this false reform and demand full sovereignty without France. Based on the 4 main principles governing FCFA, namely the guarantee of unlimited exchange, stable balance, free transfer of capital and centralization of foreign exchange reserves (Sylla, 2018), only the latter was abolished. As a result, the anti-repression economic development system (NUPCO, 2015) remains unchanged.
– Third, the fate of Africa is determined in Africa with Africa, not in Montpelier with France.

Any good pen inspired by the desire to see prosperous Africa should be aimed at developing sensitivity and skill among the people. The rest of the world.

The challenge is, France is not our direct spokesperson on this issue, knowing that the future of Africa must be severed from any patriarchy “Every time the colonialists call on us for a cooperation for the common progress of our two countries, they have this hidden purpose to succeed in transforming us over time.” Only a great delusion, which will mislead an entire population, thanks to the complicity of some ”(Diop, p. 18,1952).

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On the whole, the recommendations of the thinkers created by Elysee would be detached in substance and form from the demands of Africa, and would allow France to establish the “pranafric” system (Diop, 2021).
In conclusion, we invite the Science Leader of this Summit to maintain the words “Real Africa expects nothing from France” of Axel Empay 2017.

El Hadji Abdullah Czech
Student in Economics at UQAC, Canada.