June 1, 2023

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The first offender pleaded guilty at the bar

In Burkina Faso, an investigation into the alleged murder of Thomas Sankara and 12 of his associates continues. The first accused, Yamba Elise Ilbodo, who was an army driver at the time of the facts, pleaded guilty, but had no connection.

Yamba lisé Ilboudo, 62, was an unarmed soldier at the time of the incident. The accused is one of the focal points of the case as he led a section of the commando involved in the October 15, 1987 assassination of Thomas Sankara and his comrades.

At the helm, Yamba Elisé Ilboudo is formal. He did nothing on the Council of the Entente that day. He stayed in his vehicle and witnessed the gruesome scene.

“He only said so many things. He was the one who allowed the action to move forward.”, Said Mr. Ferdinand Zeppa, a lawyer for the Sankara family.

Me Ferdinand Zeppa, Sankara Family Lawyer, Ouagadougou October 26, 2021 (VOA / Lamine Traoré)

The widow of former head of state Mariam Shankar confirms that civil parties seek only the expression of truth.

“He wants to tell the truth to find out what happened.”, Said the former First Lady.

In addition to Yamba Elisé Ilboudo, there are 11 other defendants, including General Gilbert Diendéré, who was sentenced in 2015 to 20 years in prison for plotting a coup.

Two key defendants, former President Blaise Compaoré and Hyacinthe Kafando, were not included in the investigation.

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