December 10, 2022

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The French military denies any involvement

Former French Army Colonel Philippe Franுவாois is one of two French men accused of plotting to overthrow the president. Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, denied Wednesday, December 8, the third day of the trial in Antananarivo.

“I challenge the charges against me. I never thought about attacking the life of the President., Led by Philip Franசois, 54, said. “I’m a Catholic, a father of six, and I love my country as much as you do.”, With a pair of visible, slender, dull hair and blue eyes on his huge crumpled shirt.

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“It is a disgrace to my morals and my intelligence to think that I have nothing to do with Apollo 21.”The project, which will be implemented on July 21, has been named, according to officials, he added.

Mr. Franோois and 58-year-old Franco-Malagasy Paul Rafanoharana have been accused of being the masterminds of a plot to overthrow President Andrei Rajolina. They were arrested along with their wives on July 20 and remanded in custody until early August after endless police custody.


Authorities have put on hold an exhibition specifically against Philip Francois: claiming to have recovered the budget for their alleged operation on a USB key. “I found out when the Gentiles inquired about this document”, He said in his deepest voice. “If I had had the slightest awareness of this document I do not know, I would have destroyed this key. I was surprised to find that this budget was important. He told the court that it actually belonged to him.

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His interrogation lasted several hours, following which he recalled his wife Brigitte, a slim figure and thin voice, being arrested at the airport after the couple left Madagascar and immigrated to France. “I decided to give Philip freedom because we had a couple problems and we were already separated several times.”, She said with tears in her eyes.

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During her interrogation, this elegant chestnut-colored woman, dressed in pearl-gray jersey and with painted nails, “Because I was mistreated, only one lawyer helped me with the first trial, not the other two.”.

“I was in police custody for two weeks in an inhumane situation. I do not know anything and I do not understand what he is accusing me of. [à son mari] , She added. “My words were changed and I was forced to sign it”, She accused before asking: “Today I want to know why I am being criticized. “ The trial is set to begin on Thursday.

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