March 26, 2023

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The “G5 Sahal Facility” project aims to help people in three border areas

(Agencies Egofin) – The G5 Sahal was launched on Thursday from its headquarters in Nouakchott, Mauritania.G5 Sahl facility”, A program to help the regional people of the three frontiers living in extreme poverty. The German government is supporting the project with 50 million euros in funding.

The living conditions of the people of the West African region on the three borders are deteriorating due to the existence of a terrorist presence, which has led to years of incessant armed conflict. To help them, G5 Sahal on Thursday launched a broader community program to combat grassroots inequality and poverty. The initial funding of 50 million euros has been allocated by Germany.

Called the “G5 Sahal Facility”, the project will equip the target population. Health centers, schools and most importantly, water points », Said Mikhail Cidiba (photo), head of the organization’s infrastructure. It will start in the Kaw area in Mali, before spreading to more marginalized areas.

This area, today, we have the most vulnerabilities, where people really need, in total poverty, with displaced people, social needs are enormous. 2, to be continued Mr. Citiba. Other types of activities will be carried out under the scheme in consultation with the local people. This is to identify their specific needs and provide the best and most effective assistance.

Ferriol Beva

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