May 30, 2023

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The government gives the green light to the High Islamic Council.

It is now official! The Malian government will negotiate with local jihadist groups. To do this, an order was issued to the High Islamic Council, already involved in the March agreement between jihadists and Tozos in central Mali. It reveals the French site who visited Takart on Tuesday, October 19th.

Negotiations with Malian jihadists Iyad Ak Khali and Amado Kufa are part of the outcome of an inclusive national dialogue organized in 2019. Malian Minister of Religious Affairs said this is a national demand.

Emir of Ansar Din since 2012, Durek Iyad Ak Khali has been leading a consortium of jihadist groups close to AQIM since March 2017. He is assisted by Belh Preacher Amdo Kufa, who is the head of the Messina Khadiba in central Mali.

The head of negotiations at the High Islamic Council, Shed Fa Haidara, did not hide his impatience to make contact with those involved to prevent the bloodshed.

The question arises as to whether the group and the targeted population are on the same wavelength. In their previous media releases, Iyad Ak was not lenient with the authorities of the vacancy change. It should also be noted that attacks against Malian military targets and international forces continue on land.

By acknowledging its willingness to meet around the negotiating table with jihadist groups, the Malian government is in danger of further alienating a key ally, France. It is useless to remember that Paris opposes this possibility and was informed by the communications of Emmanuel Macron and his military and foreign ministers.

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We remember the almost epic exchange of talks between Jean-Yves Le Trian Malik and former Prime Minister Mokhtar Owane on the issue of talks with jihadists. But for Bamako, the study of this approach is irreversible …