October 7, 2022

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The government is calling for the protesters to be silenced

AA / Ouagadougou / Dramane Traoré

Burkina Faso Foreign Minister Alba Barry on Wednesday called on the French military to stop peaceful protests in the Burkina Faso region.

Barry stressed during the press conference that the relationship between Burkina Faso and France is a “relationship of friendship and cooperation”.

“France is the 2nd technical and financial partner. Military cooperation between the two countries is very important. This convoy is designed for French forces in Cao (Mali) via Niger. All that passes here is with the agreement of the National Armed Forces,” he said.

“This is a regular and regular military contingent. It is not just the French convoys that go through the Burkina Faso region. I urge the people to remain calm,” the minister recalled, adding that French convoys have passed over the past twenty years. Through the territory of Burkina Faso according to the agreements between the two countries.

A French army convoy from C டிte d’Ivoire, which entered the Burkina Faso border on Tuesday, November 16, was also blocked Wednesday by protesters east of the capital, Ouagadougou.

Protesters suspect that the French military has smuggled weapons for the benefit of terrorist groups.

“We see information that the cargo going here is aimed at terrorists. This is not the case. The smuggling convoys are with our agreement,” the minister in charge of foreign affairs stressed.

“We understand the anger of some citizens over the deteriorating security situation,” he said.

“The fight against terrorism is all about the Burkina Faso of our national army. We must not get the wrong enemy because France has always intervened on our side,” Barry said.

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On Saturday, tensions were high at the entrance to the town of Kaya, about 100 kilometers north of Ouagadougou, where a three-day siege imposed by protesters erupted.

On Wednesday, a 13-year-old man shot down a French drone flying over a crowd using his slingshot. French troops fired warning grenades to disperse protesters.

According to local media, three people were injured in the stampede caused by the warning shots.

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