September 27, 2022

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The government provides details of what is alleged to be a coup attempt


Armed Forces Minister Aimee Bartholomew Simbore came out of his silence to provide information that he was allegedly involved in an attempt to destabilize Republican institutions. Last Tuesday, the military prosecutor announced in a press release that several soldiers had been arrested on suspicion of preparing for a coup.

With our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya Bhutani

It was only after reviewing the government that Brigadier General Aim Bartholomew Simpore, the Burkina Faso minister of the Armed Forces, cited the arrest of fifteen people, without identifying their identities, as part of an alleged coup attempt by the National Gendermary.

Two officers, 7 non-commissioned officers, one non-commissioned member and five civilians. At the end of the first trial, two civilians and three soldiers were released. As a result, twelve people are still in custody today for trial purposes. I think we should be calm, the army is continuing its mission and is in the mood to carry out the tasks assigned to it.

According to the Armed Forces Minister, the legal procedure was opened following the condemnation of a soldier who had been contacted by individuals to join the group for taking stability action against the companies. According to our information, financial transactions between foreign countries and Burkina Faso were carried out by individuals.

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