June 1, 2023

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The increase is fraught with danger. By Babakar Justin Ndio

Is far awayIs flanflances Summit By MontpeyLLiar, Echoes disturbing noises, Dangerous moving lines And, Above all, There are more and more events that do not guarantee the future of Franco-Malian relations.

Diplomatic fight with dotted films (shocking phrases from social macaqueSD. Emmanuel Macron And the hasty meeting of the French ambassador to Bamako leads to the covert (disruptive) attacks on France and the junta’s embrace of Colonel Azimi Costa and his supporters. Aware of existing and certain segments of the population.

EBetween Mali and Elise’s tenant, the junta of Kati-Koluba, The Now there is only the bridgeHate. Facts The forerunners of the fight to the death are shown and hidden. Visible areaOral fees are paid for the glacier, with each speaker closing the return doors to burn all of his vessels. Possibility Towards normal relationships, friendship or friendship.

President Emmanuel Macron says “this Bamako team is not a government.” Reached The double peak of hostility and hysteria. The question that arises from insistence President of the French State : Why Recognize or Maintain And so on Ambassador for youMyIndirect leader, inA shadow prime minister and an invisible government in Mali? Son’s special, Joel Meyer, are his orators at the Coulomb Palace or at the Dapanani Market? This intense anger is the perfect barometer of France’s plans or products. Against Assimi Costa and the hard center of the army and the colonel who is the head of the country.

However, Government (Nizam) formed in Enjamana and the government formed in Conakry From FromUX Regimes do not come from the ballot box or from the rules of the constitution Was born Bayonets. BaïonClean Attractive by-There, BayonetSin there! The Saadian regime is very polite and often prime minister French, Jean Costex, Met him recently. France’s policy in Africa is taller than Descartes. Being logic Younger in anxiety from Paris to Sahal.

As for the submerged part of the conflict between France and Malik, She said Return FromS facts Latest And layer It disturbs well-known circles and sows questions that bear dreams for the immediate future. Everything happens as if the president of change is being removed quickly and expeditiously. Judge! A few days ago, there were about ten players He was taken into custody So, Katie at the center of the junta’s security system. The ‘Information, in the beginning Well locked, There is Leaked through Activist Adama Diara or Ben the Brain. U.S.The group’s fiery animator “stands in the palace” Who Listed as a trustee of one or two influential members of the Janta.

This arrest Did ten soldiers lead the arrest of former Director of State Defense Colonel-Major Qasum Costa (not to be confused with Assimi Costa) the day after the sacking of former President Bah’u’llh and his Prime Minister Mokhtar Owane? However, Colonel-Major Kasum Costa, today, is in jail. Suddenly, three former directors of Mali’s intelligence service (Soumya Boybe Maha, General Massa Tiara and Colonel-Major Costa) were imprisoned by the junta a few months apart. VS ‘There is A fact In an unprecedented way Anniversaries Political and security history of Mali.

But the climax of the disorder is reached with this extraordinary or explosive fact Tumor residents watched in horror. Two vehicles from EUTM were packed with European soldiers (EU Training Mission in Mali) It was parked in front of the residence of Defense Minister Colonel Sadio Camara for a long time. A warm welcome to Russian helicopters and instructors. Balance Lasted Curious and intimidating residents in two vehiclesRaphael to the junta. Which circled European soldiers and accelerated their flight. What was EUTM doing in the tumor? Did we wait for the planned riot to better integrate it? Mystery.

As we can see, the climb between Macron and Costa apparently gets tracks Dangerous to lead The The most attractive options but, Even, At least controllable in terms of consequences orDistant shock waves. The equation is, in fact, Much Difficult. From Burgundy to French paramedics – up Blue eyes and blonde hairs – can not No. Katie and Cowan attack at the same timeLuba, sixty after independence. Such an order is not possible To be provided நி By lUnited Nations (Permanent member of the Security Council of Russia) Not provided by ECOWAS.

Further, And Emmanuel Macron passed Rubicon That way, General CommentsThe people of Africa and Mali will rise. Another and immediate effect: The Malian army will disintegrate into a thousand pieces. The excuse would have been better if Colonel Azimi had goneta is a failed candidate and a winner. In Mali, the 2011 Ivorian case was not marked because we were denied Laurent Gbagbo ; Stopped by Yaya Jammeh’s face in the 2017 Gambia environment.

In addition, at the domestic level, the whole pool of politicians Stamped “Friends of France” Is empty By deported plane, By mass imprisonment. There is the usual Trojan horse card, which means the “traitor” has long slipped and is not identified in the junta’s gut. At this particular point, the three Butchs kernelsTea (coa, cone and camara)Take her arrangements. AccurateMent, this fear and this perspective, among other reasons, explainsnt Acceleration of contacts Russian mercenaries By Wagner. Finally, all experts in Mali firmly believe that its crisis and the violent and bloody fall of Costa Junta will exhume the grave.Malian State. What an exportWould be sad Mane In Senegal (millions of refugees From Kayes), at the mercy of jihadists Manandali leaves the dam and eventually spreads insecurity in the direction of the seven countries bordering Mali.

Fortunately, the lines are not exclusively movedrs risks or dangers. Nun and hostage Gloria Cecilia Norway was released by her prisoners from the Duarek Islamic Support Group (GSIM) for Islam and Muslims. I.Ad Ag Ghali, in official words “Thanks for the concerted efforts of several intelligence services”. In fact, it is The Algerian TRS, which is the project manager for this release, is associated with Mali’s state security and G5 Sahel’s other two services. The release came a few hours after Algerian Minister Ramdane Lamamra’s stay in Bamako. Colombia, the birthplace of Sister Gloria Cecilia, never stopped her role. Bogota decided to send the command to Bombay, the nucleus of the Colombian Special Forces Officer Fernando Murillo. This Colombian military intelligence officer who recently went back and forth between Algiers and Bamako.

By Babakar Justin Ndio

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