May 30, 2023

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The international community is tapping the wallet


The United States cut off $ 700 million in aid to Sudan on Monday, October 25, after it was overthrown by the Abdullah Hamdak government. On the European side, the hypothesis of aid suspension is also being explored. So the international community is attacking the military in the portfolio.

The blow is severe, and it remains to be seen whether this will destabilize General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. David Malpas, president of the company, says he is afraid. ” Dramatic impact Recent events may have contributed to the recovery and growth of the country. The World Bank last May promised to provide $ 2 billion to Sudan in twelve months. It is involved with other international partners in a program that provides over $ 800 million in direct support to Sudanese families. The World Bank has finally disbursed funds for the vaccine against Govt-19.

The company rejoined Sudan after the lifting of US sanctions and played a key role in the interim government. David Malpas even went to Sudan last September. The first visit after forty years from the manager of the bank.

In general, the international community actively supported civilian rule. Inspired by Paris and Washington, Khartoum reached an agreement to settle its $ 50 billion debt. The IMF pledged nearly $ 2.5 billion in aid: 17 major projects were selected in a number of areas, including energy, irrigation and agriculture.

The Civil Change has brought Carthage out of three decades of diplomatic and financial isolation. A loneliness dried up its wealth and contributed to the destruction of the country.

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