March 25, 2023

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The Kamra agreement, which established the Thea practice in the south, raises controversy

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One week ago, after signing an agreement establishing civil compensation between communities in the event of a murder, there was anger over Chad within law firms and communities from the south of the country. Compensation, also known as Thea, is a practice specific to Muslim communities. It is even against the law.

With our correspondent in Ndjamena, Madjiyasra Nako

The green tree was in full swing on Saturday, October 16 when the Kamra deal was announced on social media. The text, which calls for peaceful coexistence between farmers and breeders, offers compensation ranging from 1 million to 1.5 million CFA francs, whether or not there was a deliberate massacre. Even if the text says that this rule does not exclude criminal action, it will not be fulfilled.

To the Bar Association, this text is a call for murder. Laguerre Gerandi, President of the Bar Council, expresses himself: ” Sadien Bar says he is outraged by the initiative of such a deal, which has the motivating effect of intentional murder, which kills a person arbitrarily, deliberately, deliberately, regardless of the method used. Therefore, people who express a taste for crime can be killed knowing that civil compensation is a normal amount that has already been determined.

Before the prosecution, the people’s organizations of the Mandal and the National Commission for Human Rights called for the withdrawal of the agreement, which established a procedure, and, Prohibited by Circular Signed by three ministers two years ago.

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