February 2, 2023

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The “kidnapping attempt” of the rival “Polo” angered his political allies

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In Mali, Houssaini Amion Kinto, also known as “Paulo”, accused intermediaries of trying to kidnap her. Within the framework of the exchange he leads, anxiety and surprise dominate, uniting most of Mali’s major political parties.

Hussein Amin Kindo, a former minister and leader of the framework for the exchange of political parties and groups of political parties for successful change, specifically opposed the extension of the period of change, explained to the RFI. information about Attempt to kidnap, Or illegal arrest, planned by higher authorities.

Hiding somewhere in Mali, he claimed there was evidence and promised to make it public soon. In this case, neither the president nor the prime minister wants to respond to the allegations. But his political comrades quickly expressed their dissatisfaction. ” If that’s true, it’s very serious », Marimandia condemns Diara. If he recalls the little information available in this case in this case, the head of Adoma would have his ” Nonsense “, De sa” Disappointment “, And calls for interim authorities” Enlighten national and international opinions to understand what is happening. ⁇

Disgusting act

Worried!, Moussa Mara of the Yelema Party continues. Coverini Amion Guindo says he has evidence: he has to file it and file a complaint “Former PM urges probe” Find potential sponsors and bring them to justice . ⁇ Take it upon him, Moussa Mara concludes, Not good for the future. ⁇

Abidina Karembe of the Asma Party said, Anger “Before” This horrible act 2, not applicable to the rule of law.

The former minister, the future presidential candidate, promises to appear in public again soon. ” Manage “.” Who benefits from all this? »Abidina asks Karembe, who asks the authorities to shed light on the incident.

This is an event that is both dark and vague. This worries us

Cheick Oumar Diallo, spokesman for Mali Platform Unity

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