December 10, 2022

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The list of prisoners goes on and on


In Sudan, after the overthrow of Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, civil society organizations disobeyed two new days and called for a general strike on Sunday, November 7. Dozens of teachers who organized a peaceful rally in front of the Ministry of Education were violently disbanded. More than 80 of them are said to have been arrested, including several opposition group activists. Copyright infringement is difficult to document.

With our correspondent in Khartoum, Elliott Brochet

Dozens of protesting teachers outside Sudan’s Ministry of Education were violently dispersed In Khartoum this Sunday morning. According to the Teachers Union, 87 teachers were arrested and one teacher’s leg was broken. Several activists belonging to protest groups were also arrested. In all, police and intelligence services say at least 119 people have been abducted, a lawyer says.

In the capital, the neighborhoods of Umbada, Puri or Shajara were specifically targeted by the police. Eyewitnesses say he was chased into the alleys after firing tear gas canisters and fired directly. They point out that there are unmarked pick-ups carrying men in civilian clothes, reminiscent of the old regime, which was unleashed on civilians.

The RFI pursued two activists who were trying to document these human rights violations anonymously or covertly (listen to audio). ” The military showed no signs of goodwill. Confi Yahya. They make you believe they are negotiating, but they buy time. They say Diplomats That efforts will be made. But in reality, they are arresting people and bringing those closer to power in their place.

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They cut off internet connections and media and shut us up. These are the same practices of Omar al-Bashir

Elsewhere in the country, hundreds of people took to the streets on Sunday in Atpara, or Nayla in northern Darfur, and Port-Sudan. But military officials everywhere are tightening their grip on power and it is difficult to document arrests because the Internet was cut off two weeks after the coup. The arrests recorded in Khartoum reflect only a small part of what is happening elsewhere.

This plot must happen », Considers Doha to be a lawyer and tries to document the situation with Yahya. ” It was clear that the military was not going to hand over power back to the people as planned. She adds. The same thing happened after our independence: there have been fifteen coups.

For me, I am 27 years old, I already know two coups. We have to fight, we have to speak, we have to resist

for now, Ruler Generals Integrate their site into power. Most have been arrested since October 25 Civil leaders From Sudan, the list of detainees continues to grow: politicians, members of popular opposition groups, activists operating on social networks, youths or senior officials arrested in detention. All were arrested without an arrest warrant.

So far, all domestic and international mediation has failed.

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