December 7, 2022

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The November 13 trial resumes in the presence of Salah Abdeslam, but was immediately adjourned

Salah Abdeslam resumes trial

The trial of the November 13 attacks resumed on Thursday in the Special Aid Court in Paris, in the presence of the main accused, Salah Abdeslam, who declared Covid “qualified” to appear after the trial in late December. He was immediately suspended for refusing to appear as accused Osama Graeme.

The trial resumed at 12:55 a.m. before another accused, Sweden’s Osama Graeme, who was scheduled for trial on Thursday, was immediately suspended on bail for refusing to appear.

Special Aid Court President Jean-Louis Peris on Thursday called on Osama bin Laden to use force to bring the accused to trial, whose trial is scheduled for today in connection with the November 13 attacks.

His lawyer had previously explained that his client had “decided” not to talk until the proceedings were over.

“I feel compelled to use the police to get him to appear in the box,” President Perius said before taking him to the defense chief and telling him to suspend the investigation while waiting.

Me Margaux Durand-Poincloux, a 29-year-old Swedish lawyer, was asked to read a letter written by his client to explain his position in court. “First, I wanted to express myself in this court. I saw how the debates unfolded, and I lost hope,” Osama Gram wrote. “We all pretend, this test is an illusion,” he added. I do not think so, so I decided not to explain myself.

Salah Abdeslam attended

For his part, Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the jihadist commandos that killed 130 people in Paris and Saint-Denis on November 13, 2015, has not appeared in the box since November 25, refusing to come there like Osama Graeme. To protest the lack of health led by Belgian investigators.

While the trial was adjourned, on December 27, Salah Abdeslam tested positive for Kovit-19, but many medical experts have recently confirmed that he is eligible to attend the trial.

After a two-week hiatus, the trial resumed on Tuesday. Salah Abdeslam is still in solitary confinement after his positive test and the trial is adjourned until Thursday.

Additional medical expertise ordered by the court’s chairman, Jean-Louis Périès, confirmed that the main defendant “could attend the court hearings of Assize.” “On January 6, Mr. Salah Abdeslam will be allowed to be isolated 13 days before the onset of symptoms. No specific health measures should be taken in this context,” the AFP consultative expert report underlined.

At the end of almost four months of investigations marked by investigations into the survivors of the attacks and their relatives, the investigation has now entered a new phase, with the trial of 14 defendants (the other six, therefore) assuming that five are dead and they are being investigated in their absence).

The trial is set to end at the end of May.

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