February 2, 2023

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The number was increasing, and two army officers were admitted.

Three days after the attack by the Inata gendarmerie faction in the province of Soum in Burkina Faso, horrific numbers continue to rise. The first estimate put the death toll at 20, including 19 soldiers and one civilian. Twenty-four hours later, it was revised upwards to reach 32 (28 soldiers and 4 civilians).

This Wednesday, at the conclusion of the Committee of Ministers on November 17, the Minister of Government, Osani Tamboura, gave a new estimate that a total of 53 people had died. Twenty-one (21) additional military casualties are included in this picture.

The development could further upset people who hit the tarmac in several urban centers on Tuesday. In fact, several thousand Burkina Faso solutions were demanded against the insecurity prevailing in the northeastern part of Burkina Faso. Some protesters demanded that the president resign. A request that is not ready to be satisfied.

On the other hand, sanctions have been imposed on military officials. According to Burkina Faso 24, the commander of the first Gendermary region and commander of the Group to Sectur North were relieved of their duties …

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