May 30, 2023

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The Polish Prime Minister has warned EU leaders about the future of the EU

The Polish Prime Minister has warned EU leaders about the future of the EU

In a letter to other European leaders on Monday, October 18, Medusa Moravic warned against the dangers of the EU being a “centrally run institution with no democratic control”.

According to the head of the Polish government, this is “a dangerous event that threatens the future of our union.” But, he promised, Poland would remain a “loyal member” of the European Union. He called on European leaders to be “open to dialogue” on EU reform: “I sincerely hope that we will find a solution that strengthens our Europeans, in a sense of mutual respect and understanding, without imposing our will on others.”

The letter was sent before the summit of European leaders this week, and was delivered earlier this month, following a ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court, which calls into question the primacy of social law. The ruling was widely criticized by other EU members, such as France and Germany, but not by Hungary. According to many analysts, this will be the first step in Poland’s exit from the European Union.

Polish judicial reforms were challenged by the European Union

The Polish court ruled that parts of the EU treaties were “inconsistent” with the Polish constitution and warned the EU court against interfering in judicial reforms in Poland. These reforms, implemented by the right-wing populist nationalist law and justice (PiS) party in power in Poland, have been a contentious issue between Warsaw and Brussels for years.

The European Union believes they are undermining the independence of the judiciary and could set back democratic reforms. The Polish government says they are necessary to eradicate corruption in the judiciary.

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