December 10, 2022

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The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia has resigned in a bid to stifle European integration


Joran Save resigned as Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia on Wednesday, December 22nd. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats.

With our correspondent in Belgrade, Laurent Roy

Northern Macedonia’s Prime Minister Joran Save resigned on Wednesday, December 22. He notes the poor results of the party he leads in the October municipal elections. Soren Zhao was the prime minister of the democratic transition after nationalist and dictator Nikola Krovsky.

On Thursday, December 23, the Parliament of Northern Macedonia approved the resignation of the Prime Minister of the Social Democrats. However, his party, the SDSM, is expected to form a new coalition government.

Joran Zhao left power after 4 years as head of the Macedonian government. He was the leader of the Asura protests of 2015, which forced his predecessor, the pro-Russian dictator Nikola Krovsky, into an unjust election, which led to his downfall.

Led by Macedonia, He changes the name of the country In the historic agreement ending the 27-year diplomatic conflict with Greece in northern Macedonia. Zoran Zaev anchored his country in NATO in 2020, but was blocked by Bulgaria on its European route the same year because Sofia refused to recognize the Macedonian language, which she considers a Bulgarian dialect.

Bad results in the October local elections

This is precisely the reason Prevents European integration Soren Save’s party, SDSM, recorded a poor result in the local elections last October.

Immediately after the defeat in the municipal elections, especially in Skopje, the capital of the Balkans. Zoran Zaev has announced his resignation, But he waited two months to deliver it formally on Wednesday.

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Continuing to lead the government along the Euro-Atlantic path would be politically irresponsible and unjust in the eyes of my people and my country. Zoran Zaev wrote in his resignation letter.

Save, a man of compromise, paid his dues for Bulgaria’s stubbornness and left the difficult issue of European integration in northern Macedonia to his successor.

However, one of his cousins, Dmitry Kozhevsky, the finance minister, has been the head of the recently elected SDSM since 2013.

The country’s president, Steve Pentrovsky, now has ten days to nominate a new prime minister, which in turn is twenty days before the cabinet is formed and put to a vote.

(An AFP)