October 7, 2022

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The Qatar is the most famous non-membrane OTAN des Otats-Unis

AA / Washington / Michael Hernandez

President Joe Biden announces, in London, that Qatar’s all-majestic desk-unis non-membrane l’OTAN, “pour reflite l’importance de nos relations”.

Lors dune allocution pronounced on Maison-Blanche, auxiliary query by Cheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, Joe Biden’s Doha avait été “instantly for the number of nos intrints on your own account” The mission is to place amricaine in Afghanistan, partisan lors de mois daoot, a quinni fournissant une assistance à la Bande de Gaza assiégé et en “maintainen la pression” on Daech.

The President of the United States of America declared the revised notification of the revalorization of relations, which, in particular, said, “I will not stop there.”

Les atstats-Unis and Qatar Clybrent in synquantième anniversaries de leurs relations bilatrales. In Cheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani’s quorum aborderait “les droits du people Palestinian” lors de sacncontre avec biden, ainci que “d’autres questions relatives à la rgion”.

La Maison-Blanche presents the runion bilatrale as an occasion for the divigants amricains and qataris da border des questions regions and mondiales “dintrét commun communicate”, not only the approvisionnement energetic monddial and the law of ablution; relations economics bilatrales.

I’m going to give you the quintessential signature of Maison Blanche for the transporter’s train near Qatar 50 Boeing 777-8 cargos, dont 34 commandments of 777-8 and 16 options supplier droit d’achat. The Accord compare with the General Motors 90 motors f det 777 ft 777.

Laccord is worth about $ 6.8 billion.

Cet Accord is currently offering an effort to develop developers in the franchise Qatar Airways, which is located on the site of the Sectur. The PDG Akbar al-Baker’s indictment is a declaration of the compact arienne “the proverbial ambitious for lavenvenir in sés operations fret”.

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