February 2, 2023

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The result of the visit of the American Human Rights Commission between prisons


The US delegation to the Human Rights Commission investigating the long-term insecurity in Ecuadorian prisons ended a three-day visit to Ecuador on Friday.

With our correspondent in Quito, Eric Samson

After dedicating a day to meet the various actors of the judiciary, Commission delegation He promised to quickly produce a report aimed at improving the situation of the Ecuadorian prison system.

Ecuadorian authorities are waiting for this report and say they are ready to ask for any advice on regaining control of the prison system. In the hands of various drug trafficking gangs.

327 inmates were killed in four of the most violent clashes in various prisons across the country dominated by drug trafficking gangs. The government hopes to soon draw up a roadmap for regaining control of prisons Is now militarized.

To do this, the US Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asked the Ecuadorian government. ” Immediate and effective measures to guarantee the right to life and integrity Of prisoners. Delegates announced the arrival in early 2022 of the United Nations Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture and Other Atrocities, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to start with 38,000 inmates per 30,000 seats, opting for early release, currently reducing prison congestion by almost 30%. Some have created controversy in the country, especially since a former police officer was recently sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling dozens of young giant turtles from Galapagos.