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The resumption of Ivorian political discourse is a new hope for reconciliation

Posted on 12/18/2021 at 7:18 pm by APA

The fifth phase of the Ivorian political dialogue, strongly welcomed by the entire political class in C டிte d’Ivoire, appears to be a new hope for the country’s stability and national reconciliation. On the instructions of President Alassane Ovatara, Prime Minister Patrick Achchi met with the opposition on December 16, 2021, as part of a resumption of the political dialogue aimed at appeasing the Ivorian political game.

The meeting took place on December 8, announced by the head of government. In recent weeks, several signals indicate that the situation is “ripe” for the conversation to resume.

In November, at the 20th Anniversary of the Union of Democracy and Peace (UTPCI) in C டிte d’Ivoire, opponent Albert Tokius Mabri called for an “inclusive political dialogue process.” It’s “private”.

For his part, Affi N’Gessan, leader of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), indicated his willingness to resume talks to reach a consensus before the 2025 presidential election. At this pace, he held a meeting. With President Alassane Ottara at the Presidential Palace.

The beginning of the 5th round of political dialogue brought together the main opposition parties, Henry Conan Bedi’s Pdci, Laurent Gbagbo’s Ppa-ci, Pascal Affi N’Guessan’s Fpi and Toikeusse Mabri’s Udpci. Several ministers and Rhdp (authority) representatives were also present.

21 political parties attended. Mr. Patrick Achchi, at the beginning of the session, invited the actors from the political class to send their concerns to the Home Minister, which will be discussed from December 21, 2021, which is a universally accepted approach.

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Political parties want inclusive exchanges without restrictions. Of course things like the electoral division and the reform of the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) will be discussed. The local elections in 2023 will be a test of these resolutions.

At the same time as this political dialogue, the Ivory government is meeting with civil society. This December 16th, after the meeting, with groups and political parties in the morning, Mr. Patrick Aussie also began a conversation with civil society in the afternoon.

This foundation is particularly in line with the policy of reconciliation led by President Ouattara. He was aware of the political and social tensions prevailing in the country when he came to power in 2011.

Since then, much of its policy has been watered down by the desire for peace. Presidential action in favor of reconciliation and social cohesion can be broken down into several areas: amnesty and meetings with key opposition leaders.

Political stability seems to be a sour juice of socio-economic development. For example, in 2011, only 40% of citizens received electricity, but today they are 95%. Inclusiveness begins with equal access to the population for this type of service and facility.

Politically, a return from multiple deportations has been arranged. Like the former mayor of the Plateau, PDCI executive Akoshi Pentjo. Of course former President Laurent Bacchus will return this summer, and he will be back on July 27, 2021. Ouattara was obtained by them.

The military was also the object of the government’s desire for reconciliation. From this point of view, many senior executives can be cited as having previously returned to Gbagbo pro, command functions.

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From an institutional perspective, a number of indicators show good democratic health: increased participation in the March 2021 legislative elections, as well as the gradual emergence of the concept of a common national rule beyond social competition.

Today, Mr. Patrick Achchi continues to pursue this political vision with determination. Like his predecessors, the late Hemat Bagayoko and Amadu Gon Kulipali convinced the opposition.

The Ivorian Prime Minister clearly recalled the President’s “outstretched hand” and his “open heart”. It seems to have been heard by all political actors who want to provide a stable, united and prosperous nation for future generations.