March 25, 2023

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The signature of the official l’invitation in Finland and the Suède O l’OTAN live stream for mardi

AA / Madrid

Listen to L’OTAN’s, Jens Stoltenberg’s D’Clarse, the Diocesan Invitation of Finland and All Soul All’s Allianz Atlantic’s Official Official Signing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the World of Warriors.

This is the first dual confinement of preschools, ten jeudi, in the capital espagnole Madrid, the latest in LOTAN.

Stoltenberg’s Indicates l’OTAN continue to be l’Ukraine, soulignant that l’Alliance is the most contourer’s éventuvelle de Russie’s contemporary l’Dossion de la Finland et l’OTAN.

Listen to L’Alliance Atlantic’s FAVO SAWIRE CASE GUIRE IN LOTAN & RUSIE, “Our Faces face Soufrances, Diegots and Die Morts à une llechelle sans password”.

I’ll add to Europe’s Crisis and a Guerrero’s Sont Less Grandes Deposit the Second Guerre Mondial, you’ll have all the deactivation configuration aux frontiers in l’Ukraine.

“Our sommes confrontés the most great crease mondiale in ces dix derniers annes, and in our quolliance, we pourvurons conflitss conf asss and assurer la pix and our secret nos citoyens, and not objective in his own name la dissuasion “.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, Stoltenberg says, “La Turquie joue is a very important train in cryptocurrency depreciation”.

* Traduit de l’arabe par Mounir Bennour.

Selement a part of the dichês, which l’Agence Anadolu diffuse ses abonnés via the Diffusion interne (HAS) system, diffusée sur l’AA, de maniere résumée. Contactz-nauz you have your site for your abonner.

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